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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

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My Activity One Week Ago

On Monday, I started school again after the holiday day of the week.
Morning, I went to school, they just make me late, I studied until 12 at.
I went to pesantren, activity was continued until Saturday,
I studied religion in pesantren with Mr. lili, until 9 o'clock after praying tarawih.
after that I was sleeping.
on Wednesday, at 15,  I followed a MTQ contest in Banjar grand mosque, and after that I did not come home to a pesantren ...
on Saturday, my friends invited for an breaking the fast at home Lutfi,  after breaking the fast, I play with my friends to the fair, so I do not pray tarawih. after that, I went home,
on Sunday morning, I was invited by the brother went to Tasikmalaya, where I buy cloth and other needs, I went home at 4,
night, I pray tarawih and then I sleep well,

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